A place to get cozy

As soon as you enter the Ickelhäuser, the aura of the past and cosiness flows towards you.

The reduced choice of materials from solid wood planks, historical woods, Solnhofen panels and the natural tones on the walls allows stress-stricken eyes to rest. Nothing irritates, there is harmony in all three holiday homes.

A crackling fireplace in the evening, warm summer nights in the garden and quiet village idyll round off the break.

The Ickelhäuser are an experience at any time of the year!

Welcome to the ICKELHAUS near Bad Windsheim!

News + facts worth knowing

Ferien im Baudenkmal


Awarded monument protection, satisfied guests

Health and Culture

In the middle of the wine and hiking area

Children are welcome

Infants free of charge in brought cot

Free Wifi

Fast wifi in all holiday homes

Denkmalschutz ist unser Element

Architektur + Denkmalpflege ULM

A warm home full of atmosphere

In 2008 we bought three vacant, dilapidated and neglected farmhouses in Ickelheim. After careful dismantling and proper restoration, our »Sleeping Beauty« have awakened and invite you to a holiday in a historical ambience.

On the trail of the primordial state


The almost unrecognizable house from 1754 was, according to the oldest town plan, once detached with a barn over the corner. After dismantling the annexes and the roof to the original hipped roof shape, the house now looks similar again, but with a larger barn in half offset. At the time of its construction, there were two almost identical floors; therefore, it was already a purely residential building. To the south of the aisle were two rooms, to the north a chamber and kitchen. Perhaps it was another building of the Teutonic Order – a hunter's house is occupied for Ickelheim, but its exact location remains unclear.


The pretty little farmhouse from 1829 was literally brought back to life by us after six years of construction. If we hadn't taken care of him, it would have been under the demolition bulb by now. Since 2014/15, two exceptional holiday apartments with a special flair have been built here. Here, too, we were awarded with the monument prize of the district of Central Franconia, as we did with the ICKELHAUS 1.

In the front area is the almost completely original living room with wooden paneling with kitchen and chamber, in the rear part of the former stable a newly created living room with large glass front.


The farmhouse from the year 1682 is now also completed as a holiday home after five years of construction. After extensive demolition measures, it now has an almost construction-time appearance.
Originally also designed as a stable house, the front part of the house houses two overlapping rooms with wooden-beamed ceilings, as well as a kitchen and chambers. The ground floor room is still living room, the upper room and chambers are now sleeping rooms.
In the newly designed former barn area is the large dining room with modern kitchen and cooking island as well as a large table for everyone. The attic space is now illuminated with elongated flat roofs in the kind of drying roofs

In contrast to the other two half-timbered houses, which also in historical times had only a small circumference, this house is located in an old plot that is still undivided. Behind the wooden fence there are still more than 2500 m² of originally belonging scattered orchards, which are divided by the picturesque Mühlbach bordered by pastures and fall flat to the Beibach.

Our philosophy

For the furnishing we mainly used stylistically appropriate furnishings up to the first half of the 19th century. Where a museum character comes at the expense of well-being, we have opted for high-quality, functional and modern furnishings. Every surface and every object is designed or selected with great attention to detail. Plastic, chipboard and concrete are almost everywhere avoided.
There are no televisions in ICKELHAUS 2, as we believe that guests who choose to stay in the historic house also want to enjoy the feeling of life of a bygone era.

New life in the ICKELHAUS

In all houses/apartments there is at least one flammable single stove in the living room, in a holiday apartment additionally a historical kitchen stove. Parallel to this, all rooms are equipped with radiators, fed by a central wood chip plant. The entire building technology is newly created.

Through a cooperation with the sculptor Friedrich Kern from Mühlhausen near Bamberg, some rooms in ICKELHAUS 3 have acquired a unique character. His works can also be admired in the ICKELHAUS 1. If you are interested in a wall relief or other art object, you can make an appointment with the artist in his studio near Höchstadt a.d. Aisch and combine this with a trip to Bamberg, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.





Alexandra Ulm
Schlossgasse 12
91438 Bad Windsheim / Ickelheim

Telefon: (09841) 650 262
Mobil: (0170) 4 319 145
E-Mail: ulm@schloss-ickelheim.de
Steuernummer: 252/282/30130


Winfried Ulm
Schlossgasse 12
91438 Bad Windsheim / Ickelheim

Telefon: (09841) 650 262
Mobil: (0171) 5 712 252
E-Mail: ulm@schloss-ickelheim.de
Steuernummer: 252/282/30041
UST-Ident-Nr.: DE 162790973


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General terms and conditions of business


The ICKELHAUS 2 with its two holiday apartments as well as the holiday homes ICKELHAUS 1 and 3 have been restored over a long period with attention to detail. They should preferably be rented out to people who appreciate this difference. We as landlords hope the necessary respect in the use of these holiday homes.

Particular attention should be paid when climbing the stairs, as they do not meet today's standards in terms of inclination. Also other deviations from the usual procedures in a house of the 21st century are quite desirable, but no reason for liability claims against the host. Parents are responsible for their children.

Cars may be parked on the property or on the road at your own risk.

Keys are handed over on arrival. Please call us about half an hour before your arrival on ++49 170 / 43 19 145, so that we can be there in time.

Rental confirmation / number of people

The rental confirmation confirms the rental agreement concluded between the tenant and the host. The rental confirmation is usually made by e-mail. The rental agreement is binding and is concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.

The accommodation may only be occupied by the persons specified in the booking. In particular, the number of persons must not be exceeded, including children, infants and adolescents. There is no entitlement to occupancy more than the agreed number of peoples. The host may refuse the admission of additional persons or, if necessary, make it dependent on an additional fee..

A transfer of the holiday apartments or the holiday house to third parties is not allowed.

The guest is obliged to treat the accommodation and its furnishings only as intended and overall with care.

The host reserves the right to charge the additional effort for dirt, the removal of which is above the usual final cleaning costs/expenses. These are EUR 40.00/hour. Defects are to be recorded by the host..

Moving and changing furniture, as well as the use of unoccupied beds and their bed linen is not allowed. The host may ask for an additional cleaning fee in this case.

The programming of the TV system is not to be changed.

The house rules must be observed (see information folder).

The host may terminate the guest accommodation contract without observing a deadline if the guest, despite a warning from the host, permanently disrupts the operation or the implementation of the stay or if he behaves contrary to the contract, that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified.


Pets are not allowed.

Smokefree area

For fire safety reasons and for consideration of allergy sufferers, all rooms are non-smoking rooms. In case of non-compliance, the host is entitled to charge an extra cleaning.

Check-In, Check-Out

An arrival has to be made at the agreed time, without special agreement between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Delays must be notified to the host by phone. Departure must be made no later than 10 a.m. on the day of departure. An overrun of the departure time of more than 30 minutes will result in the calculation of an additional overnight stay.

Other arrival and departure times can be arranged individually with the host.

If the tenant does not appear on the day of arrival by 10 p.m., the contract is deemed to be terminated after a period of 48 hours without notice to the host. The host can then dispose of the object freely. A (partial) refund of the rent due to early departure will not take place in principle.


The accommodation must be kept clean by the tenant during the stay and returned in the tidy state in which it was taken over. A mandatory final cleaning is carried out by the host. On the day of departure, personal belongings must be removed from the tenant, household rubbish must be disposed of in the designated containers, kitchen utensils and dishes must be stored clean and washed in the kitchen cupboards.

Liability for any damage

During the rental period, the tenant assumes liability for all items present in the house and is liable for any damages caused. Damage caused by improper operation of electronic devices such as oven (including stove and wood stove), dishwasher, TV, WLAN, microwave, etc. , are at the expense of the tenant. In the event of damage, the tenant is obliged to inform the host immediately. Damage not shown will be repaired at the expense of the tenant.

Damage caused during the rental period shall be repaired immediately, but subject to usual delivery times. The host has not taken out any insurance covering the tenant and his personal belongings during the rental period.

Terms of payment

Payment is made in accordance with the written agreement of the booking contract, a deposit of 10% or 20% of the rental price has to be paid within the specified period. If the deposit is not paid or if the deposit is not paid in due time, the host has the right to cancel the booking. This will forfeit any right to rent. If there is no cancellation and the tenant does not arrive, he has to pay the full price of the trip.


The tenant undertakes to treat the rented items (holiday home/flat, inventory and outdoor facilities) with care. If damage to the holiday house/apartment and/or its inventory occurs during the tenancy, the tenant is obliged to report this to the landlord immediately.

Defects and damages already found upon arrival must be reported immediately to the host, otherwise the tenant is liable for these damages. A reasonable period of time shall be allowed for the rectification of damages and defects.

Claims arising from complaints which are not immediately reported on site are excluded. Complaints received by the host at the end of the stay or after leaving the holiday home are also excluded from compensation.

Our rental properties are historical houses in a natural environment, therefore the presence of insects, such as spiders, ladybugs, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, etc. cannot be ruled out and are not a reason for complaint..

Cancellation conditions

In the event of the tenant's withdrawal from the contract up to 14 days before the beginning of the rental, no cancellation fees are due. In case of cancellation after this date, 40% of the rental amount must be paid. If the tenant withdraws from the contract 2 days (48 hours or less) before arrival, 80% of the rental amount is due.

We recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance.


If the rental is not possible due to an official accommodation ban, etc., you will receive a refund of the rental payments made or you can optionally rebook free of charge. The risk for such a case lies with us as the host.

If it is not possible to arrive due to official travel restrictions, you will receive a refund of your rental payments or you can change your booking free of charge. The risk for such a case lies with us as the host.

If a stay is not possible due to personal, official requirements (e.g. quarantine order), this is at the risk of the tenant. In such a case, our normal cancellation conditions apply.

The house/apartment can be used within the limits of the official regulations in force at the time of rental. If there are e.g. limitations of the max. number of peoples (contact restrictions) or documents required by the authorities (negative corona test) must be observed by the tenant. Here the risk lies with the tenant. A right of withdrawal from a booking does not arise in such a case. Our normal cancellation conditions apply.

Act of God

The host is not liable for damage to the holiday or the rental object due to force majeure (war, internal unrest, storm surges, algae pollution, epidemics, fire, unforeseen construction noise, bad weather, cold, terrorist acts, etc.). In such cases, additional and/or rental costs incurred shall be borne by the tenant.

The rental agreement may be terminated by the host for the above reasons without notice.

Data protection

The tenant agrees to the storage, modification and/or deletion of necessary personal data within the scope of the contract concluded with him. All personal information is treated with absolute confidentiality.


Any interpretation of the rental agreement remains a matter for the competent court at the location of the rental object. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the contract.


Our general terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted upon request and/or acceptance of the rental agreement.

Should any of the foregoing points be or become invalid, the remaining terms shall continue to apply.

Protected brand names and trademarks

Brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The mention of brand names and protected trademarks is merely descriptive. These brands are not in any partnership or cooperation with ICKELHAUS.



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  • Auskunft über Ihre bei uns gespeicherten Daten und deren Verarbeitung,
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die Verarbeitung zur Wahrung berechtigter Interessen erforderlich ist und kein Grund zur Annahme besteht, dass Sie ein überwiegendes schutzwürdiges Interesse an der Nichtweitergabe Ihrer Daten haben.

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Fragen zum Datenschutz

Wenn Sie Fragen zum Datenschutz haben, schreiben Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an: ulm@schloss-ickelheim.de